Friday, July 13, 2007

DVD Review: "The Aura" (el aura)

I just finished watching my first Argentinean movie ever, "The Aura (el aura)." I watched it on DVD listened to the Spanish dialog and read English subtitles when necessary. Surprising to me since my Spanish is minimal at best, I was able to follow most of the dialog without using the subtitles. Instead of the quick-paced Spanish I normally find when I watch Spanish stations on TV, the dialog was slow and deliberate. I found I needed the subtitles only when the characters were using profanity. I guess this is an area I need to work on.

"The Aura" is the story of a man, Esteban Espinosa who has developed a mental plan that would all but guarantee a successful robbery of the local bank. The plan remains a mental exercise, but the main character, Espinosa (played by Ricardo Darin) finds himself in the middle of a real-life plot to rob an armored car.

During the execution Espinosa discovers an unaccounted for variable in the routine of the armored car company that leads to tragic results. Although he has time to warn his accomplices he suffers an epileptic seizure that prevents him from doing so.

The cinematography of "The Aura" is interesting. It is perhaps the best feature of the movie. The plot feels contrived and the acting lacks energy. Despite this, I encourage people to watch this film. The move takes some getting into. Only during the last thirty minutes or so when loose ends are tied does the movie become satisfying. I had never heard of Fabián Bielinsky, the directory before watching this movie, but soon after watching the DVD I added his first film "Nine Queens" to my queue at Blockbuster.

I give this movie a good solid B, leaning toward a B+, or an 88%.

Pop some popcorn and let's watch a double feature-tfedge

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