Friday, July 6, 2007

DVD: "An Inconvenient Truth"

I finally got around to watching the DVD "An Inconvenient Truth." I was much more impressed that I expected to be. I found it to be a good presentation that should be watched for what it is: a presentation of how mankind is damaging the planet. Anyone who denies this is just a damn fool.

There is overwhelming evidence that weather and climate patterns have changed and that damage is resulting. Reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and moving to a more conservationist lifestyle cannot help but improve the quality of life. Even those people who believe this is a natural cycle should recognize this. It is natural for people to get old and for joints to stiffen, but that doesn't mean individuals should exercise their joints, stretch for flexibility, and take glucosamine. It is a shame that many people are making this a Democrat/Republican issue. It should be a human issue. From the scientific view I found little that was fundamentally knew to me. There were some details that surprised me, particularly the quickness that damage has been done, but this was more a surprise in timing rather than substance.

Sure Al Gore has a somewhat wooden appearance that sometimes seems to solidify while on the screen and his sense of humor doesn't quite work at times, but overall "An Inconvenient Truth" tells the store of a passionate man. What is refreshing is that Gore's passion isn't to lower taxes or attack communism or fight for any particular political or social agenda. Gore's passion is to make sure people of the world will continue to live in a world that supports both quantity and quality of life. Even if you disagree with all of his statements and believe all of the facts he presented are wrong, you've go to give him credit for this passion. I respect him for showing the leadership to go out on his own, not as a representative of an industry or a political action group, but as a person.

After watching this film, for the first time I started thinking that Al Gore might have the leadership ability to be President of the United States. This is a big improvement on my feelings about all of the current candidates. I give the message of "An Inconvenient Truth" and A+ or 100. The presentation needs a little work, give it an A- or 91 for a good solid A or 95 overall. If you haven't watch this DVD I would strongly encourage you to do so.