Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DVD: The Messenger

"The Messenger" is the 1999 movie version of the story of Jean d'Arc starring Milla Jovovich as Jean (Joan). Milla Jovovich portrays the main character well and comes across as someone who is either divinely inspired, crazy, or perhaps a bit of both. Rather than the noble, saint as has been portrayed before, it was nice to see her fully human.

Jon Malkovich played Charles VII and does a credible job of playing an immature youth far beneath his own age and sophistication. Faye Dunaway as the very beautiful, bright, and calculating Yolande D'Aragon. It's hard to believe she has been a star for forty years and is approaching sixty-seven. Dustin Hoffman played the Conscience of the adult (or at least as close to adult as she was allowed to advance to) Jean. I found the intensity with which he played the role a little overstated and found myself wondering if perhaps some scenes that would have made it more convincing hadn't been left on the editing room floor.

Young Jean was played by Jane Valentine with considerable intensity and believability. So much that I found myself wishing for a less abrupt transition from the young Jean to the nineteen-year-old eager to lead an army for France.

I enjoyed the movie. It featured a much more disturbed Jean than is often portrayed. Although she was devoted to her God at times she came to have doubts how much of her visions were from her and how much were heaven sent.
I recommend watching this movie on the DVD, but I'd like to see it as a double feature with the 1948 version starring Ingrid Bergman.

Pop some popcorn and let's watch a double feature-tfedge

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