Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Television: Catherine Crier Cancelled by Court TV

Court TV has continued down the path of promoting the dumbing down of America by canceling "Catherine Crier" live after seven years on Court TV.

Crier is a former judge and author of several books about the sad state of the current American Legal system. I found her discussions and interviews to be fair-minded and accurate. Her legal training and experience match favorably with legal experts. Instead of the noisy attacking style used by other pundits on Court TV, such as Nancy Grace, Crier asked pertinent questions and gave her guests the opportunity to respond without the verbal attacks that are far too common on current talk shows.

Court TV explains that it is reformatting its broadcasting in favor of "reality-based television." What this appears to mean is that shows such as "Cops" and other featuring high speed chases, drunks, and battling families will be promoted. I find it sad is how often these shows portray primarily people and seem to key in on people with heavy southern accents. Feeding the stereotype of the poor southern trash.

Show some class Court TV. Instead of endless garbage TV why not play coverage of court cases in the evening when more adults are home to watch instead of this so-called reality programming. It's not my reality nor that of most people. Program responsibly Court TV and you'll likely be surprised how many people will support quality television.
Show some class Court TV.


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